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FAQs: Ask us anything!

FAQ: Can National Shade build other items aside from patios?

Answer: We build a lot more than simply patios! We are also experts in the construction of decking, sunrooms and extensions. These home improvements can include adding a gym, garden, studio or playroom. We also provide a number of different curved and roofing options, which are all insulated.

If you’d like to see a combination of improvements added to your home, no problem. We can also help you create a deck space that leads to a roof opening, or any outdoor space that’ll make a standout addition to your home.

FAQ: Where does National Shade operate?

Answer: Our services currently cover many Canberra suburbs, including Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Goulburn, Yass and other surrounding areas. However, we can operate in both the ACT and NSW because we are completely licensed and insured for these states.

If you want to check whether we’re operational in your area, please contact us and we can let you know if your home is within our operation range.

FAQ: We are asking around for different quotes and it’s getting a little complicated. What should we look out for?

Answer: Some companies can give you numerous quotes for different project aspects, such as one for patios and one for decking.

However, you should double-check certain aspects of the quotes to insure they cover these basics:

  • All the quotes should use materials that are hardy and of high quality
  • The companies quoting should be completely insured and licensed

If these two points aren’t outlined in the quote, don’t be afraid to ask to see papers or inquire about the materials being used. Sometimes the best quote won’t necessarily be the cheapest one, because you’ll want a patio area that is built to last so high quality is vital.


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