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Commercial Products

Experienced commercial builders

Registered to work in NSW and the ACT, National Shade has a long track record of successful delivery when it comes to commercial developments of many different types. Our winning combination of cutting-edge techniques, premium materials and excellent project management ensure that our undertakings proceed smoothly, maximising the chances of successful project delivery. We can undertake work on a large scale, as well as more modest developments, so whether you need extensive single shell roofing or a smaller covered area, we can get the job done.

Wealth of project ideas

In many cases fresh roofing not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to demonstrate excellent functionality and present minimal maintenance costs once it's installed. We understand the constraints which the commercial sector face and will always do our best to find inventive ways of enabling clients to get the type of roof they need, even when there are significant challenges in doing so. Our designs are equally suitable for new-build developments or as part of a repair or refurbishment project for existing offices or factories. If you're not sure what would be best, our professional, experienced team is always happy to provide suitable suggestions.

Cost-effective solutions

Not only do rising energy prices mean higher fuel bills, the importance of green corporate working means that finding energy efficient solutions are a key part of effective organisational management. Our roofs are specifically designed to provide excellent insulation and natural ventilation, measurably decreasing the amount of energy needed to either heat or cool the air. Particularly when a sunroom or roof covers a larger area, it's possible to make significant energy savings simply by using the right materials and techniques in the building process. If you want a development that boasts impressive environmental credentials and is cost-effective to run, one of our installations is ideal.

Our roofs make an impact

In addition to the functional benefits of opting for our roofing solutions, clients are always impressed by just how striking our designs can be. Each installation is individually designed to blend with existing architecture and we have designs on offer that suit both traditional and modern buildings.

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