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Decks & Decking

Deck and opening roof
Deck and opening roof

Your outside space isn't just somewhere to grow plants and admire the wildlife, it's also an important part of your living area which can be used for relaxing, entertaining, working and more. One of the most important aspects of garden design is deciding on suitable surfaces for the areas you want easy, safe access to in all types of weather. Decking is the ideal solution in many different locations, offering an appealing surfacing material that's durable and easy to maintain. If you're struggling to find a suitable option for your surfacing needs, our decking experts will be able to help.

Many years of useful life
Many years of useful life

Attractive selection of woods and composites

Natural materials always lend themselves to a garden setting, so it's little surprise that wood is the most popular material when it comes to constructing exterior decks and stairs. National Shade has an extensive range of Australian Hardwoods to choose from, using premium wood that has been treated to ensure it's resistant to damage from moisture and extremes of temperature. In addition to projects made entirely from wood, we also offer a range of exciting wood composite materials. These offer the same aesthetic appeal as a single timber structure, but can frequently be more affordable than using timber for an entire decking installation.

Slip resistant
Slip resistant

Ideal for challenging environments or tricky architecture

In many cases, the land surrounding a property can be difficult to landscape appropriately. Significant gradient variations, limited access or oddly shaped buildings and ground contours can mean that finding a flat area that's suitable for entertaining or just sitting can be a challenge. One of the major benefits of decks and decking is that it can be constructed over several levels, providing a structure that blends beautifully with your existing decor at the same time as offering excellent functionality. Options for an opening or insulated roof provide more engaging choices for your finished structure.

Easy to clean
Easy to clean

Professional and reliable

When you opt to use Natural Shade for your decking, there's no need to waste hours tracking down appropriate suppliers for the materials or trying to find quotes for the various stages of the project. We can get the whole job done promptly, professionally and affordably, minimising the amount of work our clients need to undertake. No matter how complex or demanding the task might be, we will always do our utmost to provide a friendly service and excellent results that transform your garden into a great place to spend time.


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