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Sustainable and stylish long-lasting Composite Decking

If you are looking for an extremely low maintenance and thoroughly environmentally sustainable alternative to the more traditional decking, often made using rainforest-sourced timber, then your search should end right here. Our superb National Shade composite decking delivers the ideal solution.

Slip resistant
Slip resistant

Here’s why, with four winning reasons for making that composite decking choice:

  • Our National Shade composite decking products are created from 100% recycled plastic and cellulose, plus vital UV inhibitors, and are available in standard 5.4m lengths. This makes them extremely resistant to annoying pests like white ants or termites, as well as other enemies of timber decking such as mildew and mould, thanks to the agents we add specifically for this reason.
  • A low water absorption means that it won’t rot and you'll also be pleased that it is free of those unpleasant sap runs. You'll also be glad to discover it is both slip resistant and free of dangerous splinters (especially to young feet), and that you won’t find any disfiguring knot holes, or traditional warping and cupping problems.
  • National Shade composite decking is a fully finished product, immediately ready for installation the moment it’s delivered. It’s offered in four stylish designer shades, allowing you to choose the best match for your outside environment. It is double sided, with a standard concealed fix, and comes complete with a full 10-year warranty.
  • Once installed, your maintenance work needs will be extremely low as the decking neither twists nor splits. It’s so easy to keep it at its best, free from the occasional dirt and general grime of any out-of-doors location, and any sudden spills. Firstly, sweep it just as you would any other deck area. Using a household cleaner or mild detergent will help to make sure the surface continues to look its best as the years pass. This also deals with those food scraps and other bits of stuff that can cause so many messy problems on traditional decking.
Many years of useful life
Many years of useful life

Your simple, swift and cost-effective decking choice

Quick and easy to fit, long-lasting and hard-wearing, with no need for restaining on a regular, messy, and time consuming basis, our National Shade composite decking alternative saves both time and money over the many years of its working life.

For practical reasons, as well as sound environmental ones, it’s surely time to investigate how much it can add to the outdoor environment around your home. To find out more, call us to discuss your needs with one of our authorised and hugely experienced National Shade team.


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