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External Louvres & Shutters

Sun louvres can transform your living space

Not only are louvre windows a great way of controlling interior temperature and light, they are also a fantastic method of creating the ambience you want without the need to constantly switch lights on or off and waste time adjusting blinds or curtains. Many of the louvre windows we fit are controlled mechanically, enabling you to adjust the level of light or air admitted with just the touch of a button. If you want a lie-in, or a cosy ambience, the louvres limit daylight; conversely, if you crave plenty of daylight, louvre windows can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

High calibre, modern materials

The shutters and louvres we provide here at National Shade are all made from premium grade materials, manufactured to an exceptionally high build quality. When natural wood is used, we ensure that it's suitably finished to provide excellent protection against moisture and temperature extremes. If you opt for a synthetic alternative, you can be confident of enjoying a product which demonstrates enormous aesthetic appeal alongside durability and minimal maintenance.

Variety of different types to choose from

No matter what needs you have for your property, our selection of louvres and shutters will contain a style that suits. We offer sun louvres in sizes which range from 40mm mini-louvres to much larger 600mm maxi-louvres. Both mechanical and manual adjustment mechanisms can be installed, whilst a range of different fixing options ensure that your installation is secure, no matter where it's located. Our shutters include hinged, bi-folding and sliding varieties. All are made from tough, weather resistant aluminium, which offers excellent weather protection and a reassuring level of security. Clients can choose from several operating systems, ensuring that the final installation is customised to meet your exact requirements.

An excellent investment

Once sun louvres or shutters are in place, many homeowners are surprised by the subsequent welcome reduction in their energy bills. Frequently heating and air conditioning costs are less, as the shutters and louvres efficiently regulate the internal air temperature. In addition, contemporary designs and appealing materials result in a window dressing that's enormously appealing, frequently transforming frontages from bland to beautiful. At National Shade, our team can undertake the entire project on your behalf. From initial planning through to post-installation snagging, you can be confident our team will get the job done in a professional, timely manner.


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