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Opening Roof Systems

Play never stops on centre court at the Australian Open tennis tournament. If it rains, they shut the roof – when the sun comes back out, it opens up again. Play need never stop at your home’s centre court – the outdoor entertainment area.

Whether it’s a deck, a verandah or an outdoor patio, National Shade has a wide range of high quality opening roof systems that can bring year-round protection, while giving you the power to keep the play going no matter the weather.

The benefits of an opening roof

An opening roof installed into your outdoor area can bring in a cool breeze or catch a few rays. Or it can be closed off to create shade on a scorching hot day or keep the rain out on a wintry evening.

National Shade’s opening roofs can even be fitted with a sensor so they close automatically if the weather turns, making it a seamless addition to your lifestyle. Other benefits include reducing your heating and cooling costs, protecting your household items from weather damage and enhancing the privacy of your home.

Sturdy construction – expert installation

National Shade’s opening roofs are manufactured and installed to the highest standards. They are engineered to resist extreme weather conditions and can be easily customised to fit exactly to your requirements with a wide range of stylish designs to choose from.

Suitable for both residential and commercial projects, National Shade’s opening roofs are set up by authorised installers and backed by extensive warranties, giving you peace of mind.

A wide range to choose from

There are four main styles of opening roofs to choose from at National Shade, each offering the ability to bring the best of the weather to your home’s outdoor entertainment areas and keep the worst of it out.


180 Linear Opening Roof

Featuring bold, angular lines with sharp, cleanly defined edges, the 180 Linear Opening Roof is a highly modern design perfect for bringing the outdoors in.

With high strength aluminium blades that open a full 180 degrees, the 180 Linear Opening Roof can be run with an electrical motor or come in a hand adjustable configuration. The 180 mm wide blades are moved by a hidden mechanism called the Spiral Pivot system, making adjustment both easy and seamless.


180 Classic Opening Roof

The 180 Classic is a subtly elegant opening roof, featuring aluminium blades that form soft, graceful lines when they are in the closed position.

Each 180 mm wide blade is curved to a concave angle and can be opened 180 degrees. The blades are turned by the Spiral Pivot system that can be motorised or hand adjusted.


260 Translucent Opening Roof

Designed to let lots of light in but protect you from the sun’s UV rays, the 260 Translucent Opening Roof brings lots of soft, filtered light in. Each of the blades has an infill panel of UV treated Naturelite that creates a ‘champagne’ colour - perfect for setting the mood.

The blades are wider than other models with 260 mm width, and are driven by the Spiral Pivot system with either motorised or hand adjustment.


200 Suburban Opening & Closing Roof

The 200 Suburban Opening Roof is the economical option that uses state of the art design and high quality materials to bring great value for money.

The 200 Direct Drive has 200 mm wide blades that open to a 125-degree angle. They are moved by a simple Direct Drive Pivot System that uses a discreet drive arm to shift the configuration. It has the longest spanning blade available, engineered to a span of 4.5m.


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