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Retractable Awnings

Providing outdoor protection how and when you want it

Architecturally designed
Architecturally designed

Living in Australia, we all know how great it is to be able to spend time outdoors. However, in the heat of the day, this can be both uncomfortable and even dangerous. One solution is to provide a stylish and permanent cover for the outdoor areas of your home. However, many people do want protection, but only on their terms. In the evening, for example, you might prefer to be able to spend time looking at the night-time sky and all its delights.

How National Shade truly delivers the ‘whenever you want it’ solution

Our superb retractable awnings range provide the level of safe and protective cover you expect just when you want it, often as the daytime sun is at its harshest. Then it pulls back gracefully to allow you to enjoy the full benefits of all the other times of the day.

This allows you to control your level of exposure to the hottest sun, avoid those sudden annoying showers without having to run indoors, and stay away from the occasional irritating breeze. We deliver you a practical and stylish alternative to having to choose either outdoor or indoor living!

Our innovative retractable awnings can be architecturally designed and colour co-ordinated to best match with your existing home style preferences. Whether for a much-used deck area, stylish verandah, or outdoor patio, our superb awning choices can easily be adapted to fit with your building design, or an existing aluminium or timber structure, or constructed completely from scratch.

Offering the protection you want and the style you demand

Our National Shade awnings system has many things going for it; starting with the highest quality of construction standards, using only the most tested and robust of individual components. This delivers the long-lasting and durable system that adds so much to your home, and is backed up by the level of warranty you would expect from such a quality product.

Adding to this is an ease and simplicity of operation that is the envy of many other such systems. It will be installed by a friendly, professional and always helpful member of our authorised team, who will also demonstrate how easy it is to operate.

Contact National Shade to see how we can deliver the exact level of protection and comfort to help you, your family, and guests, to make the most of the outdoors life with our retractable awnings.

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