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Patios & Patio Covers

Use your outdoor area to its fullest

Are you enjoying your outdoor area as much as you could? With National Shade, you can watch your outside space change into a place perfect for practicality or entertaining, because with our huge range of carports, patios and pergolas, we have a style to suit everyone.

Using only the finest materials, you can have a top quality outdoor space in no time at all.

Everything you need

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, drawing on our expertise from years in the business to create a unique design that suits you. Of course, you’ll want an outdoor space that blends seamlessly with your home and lifestyle, so we take the time to get it exactly right, giving you an outdoor space to be proud of.

We have a number of different options, ranging from a flat roof to a pitched style.


Top insulated Roofing

Never worry about sweltering under a hot patio roof again. With our insulated roofing, we’ll ensure you’re not breaking into a sweat in the summer or shivering in winter. Our roofing is built to reflect the heat and insulate in the winter, and to achieve maximum comfort.

The benefits of insulated roofing are great – as well as comfort, you’ll also save on those energy bills.


Panels to let in the light

No one wants a dark outdoor space, especially when Aussie summers are so bright. We’ve kept this in mind with our designs, installing light panels to bring the outdoor natural light in.


Single Skin Roofing

National Shade provides single skin roofing of high quality, perfectly designed for flat, gabled and pitched/flat styles. These can be purchased in either steel or aluminium and are engineered for structural strength.


Gabled roofing

A gabled roofing style is a wonderful way to create a sense of space in your backyard. Gables enhance the light and space within an area, making this style of patio roofing perfect for entertaining underneath.

The style can also be used for patio covers and sunrooms.


Pitched and flat roof combinations

If you want to truly enhance your outdoor space, you can opt for a pitched and flat roof combination. The benefits of this style mean the pitched roofing will give you more airflow and light, while the flat roofing can tie seamlessly in with your home’s design.

Whatever patio style you decide to go with, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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