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Curved Roof

Providing a truly stylish curved roof for your outdoor area

When you spend so much time out-of-doors, it’s great to know that you, your family, and any guests you invite over, will enjoy the vital protection you need from our sun-blessed, but with occasional spectacular storm interventions, climate.

Of course, you'll also want the area to always look its best, and this is where National Shade take the lead in offering you truly superb and thoroughly contemporary curved roof solutions. These allow you to relax, feeling both safe from the elements, and ready to enjoy all the precious time you spend out of doors.

Offering both vital protection and effortless style

The polycarbonate roofing that forms the heart of our National Shade products uses the very latest in heat-reduction technology, at the same time as having the innate strength to confidently deliver both superb extreme rainwater and that vital UV protection, both so important in staying safe and sound when making the most of our utterly unique Australian climate!

Delivering a revolution in curved roof technology

How substantial and trusted is our new system? Enough for us to confidently offer it with its own astonishing National Shade 25 year watertight warranty! This proves that installing our Curved Multicell Polycarbonate system for roofing your outdoor area makes absolute sense. It truly delivers because it:

  • is specifically designed, by an Australian owned company, who fully understand exactly what’s needed to withstand whatever is thrown at it. This is delivered thanks to the superb impact resistance and 99.9% two-sided UV protection.
  • offers excellent thermal properties to lower those annoying costs of keeping cool during the heat of the day. It also comes complete with a superb energy efficient lighting system to allow you to make the most of balmy evenings.

One final decision as you choose your National Shade curved roof

Finally, this terrific protection system, stylish in its conception, contemporary in its feel, and innovative in its appearance, is provided in a wide range of stunning colour choices to match your outdoor moods or established home decor. You'll see some amazing examples on this page.

Please contact us for an obligation-free discussion of how we can best add the protective strength and stunning style of a superb Curved Multicell Polycarbonate Roofing System to your property.


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