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Insulated Roofing

Insulated roof with light panels
Insulated Roofing

Adding so much to an outdoor area by roofing it

It’s surely almost impossible to live in Australia and not enjoy the terrific benefits our wonderful climate has to offer. Time spent outdoors is precious, especially at home. Whether it’s just with the family, or with friends who drop by, being in the fresh air is what it’s all about.

However, our climate can be uncomfortable and dangerous when the sun hits the heights and the temperature soars. Sadly, some people think the only thing to do then is retreat indoors and rely on the air conditioning to do its job.

Thankfully, there is a simple alternative, and that’s to cover up!

About our superb National Shade insulated roof choices

Providing an insulated roof as protection for sunrooms, car ports, patios and decks is a sensible way to have the best of both worlds. These superb roofs are also great choices for outdoor kitchens and when undertaking room extension projects. They offer the year-round and day-long climate control that helps you to be outside for every moment you want to be.

These modern and stylish slim-line National Shade insulated roofs are available in a wide choice of colours and range of thicknesses. They stylishly combine both high gloss heat reflectiveness with low gloss ceiling finish insulated roofing – helping to reduce the summer heat and stay that bit warmer in winter. We match a lightweight design with real strength over even large spans.

Energy savings
Energy savings

Let there be light! We can add light panels into our superb insulated roofing choices, where you’d like the chance to add a little to any natural light, or provide important and useful illumination after dark.

About insulation – the technical bit

The measurement of vital insulating qualities in building materials is called their R value. The higher this is, the better the insulating qualities. This can also feed through into valuable savings on your ever-increasing energy bills. As an example, glass windows are often measured around 0.17 and double glazing might increase it to 0.5. Our National Shade 55 mm insulated roof delivers a superb 1.49, and 90 mm panels score 2.34! What does this mean? Apart from the bill savings, this also delivers improved acoustic comfort.

How can we help you stay cool (or warm) and covered?

Every home, property and location, is different, so the simplest course of action is to contact us to discuss your options in a no-obligation conversation so you can decide how to progress.


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