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Single Skin Roofing

Ideal for patio covers
Ideal for patio covers

One of the most appealing aspects of single skin roofing is its adaptability. Whether you're looking to cover a veranda, patio, car port, area of decking or other structure, a single skin roof combines easy installation with excellent strength and durability as well as significant aesthetic appeal. Our roofs are available in a wide variety of different designs, enabling them to blend effortlessly with a variety of different contemporary and traditional architectural styles. We can vary the height and dimensions of your roof, customising it to meet the needs of your property.

Suitable for various locations

Whether a W-Pan profile, a gable end installation, a pitched roof or a flat option would be best for your roof, we can install a suitable combination that enhances your property at the same time as providing excellent functional capabilities. A mix of flat and pitched roofing can give greater natural air flow and often minimises the amount of heat which is absorbed by the roof - the greater the amount of pitched roof surface, for example, the less heat is absorbed into the fabric of the construction. If you're not sure what type of roof is going to be best suited for your circumstances, we are always happy to offer appropriate advice.

Airy, open appearance

Particularly when the warmer days arrive, having a single skin roof which offers a cool, airy environment can greatly enhance the comfort, with no condensation of people working or entertaining underneath it. Good air circulation and minimal heat retention help to maintain the temperature within acceptable limits and can mean that there is little need to spend money on air conditioning or other cooling measures. A suitable roof can mean that parts of your outside space which previously were too uncomfortable to enjoy during the hotter weather can now be more fully utilised for a wide variety of uses.

Professional team

At National Shade, our skilled workforce has extensive experience in designing and installing roofing, ensuring that your project will be implemented to an exceptionally high standard. All our work is fully guaranteed and we aim to ensure that every client we work with is 100% satisfied with our roofing work. We can undertake every aspect of your project, from planning through to checking the construction once work is complete. Why not get in touch and see what help our friendly, expert team can give!

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