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Danpalon compact Poly Roofing System

Offering innovative and elegant roofing solutions for so many locations


Our National Shade Danpalon compact polycarbonate roofing system is already proving to be a highly popular and truly elegant solution to the architectural roofing needs of so many different locations. You’ll increasingly find yourself walking under a Danpalon compact installation in a wide range of commercial and retail locations.

We can provide stunning covered walkways that add light and space to popular sports facilities. Danpalon compact also delivers excellent cover from the elements of our wonderful, but sometimes harsh, Australian climate. We provide vital protection for open markets and many service stations. Often, this system delivers just the level of protective covering needed for the entrances to public buildings and office complexes. Danpalon compact from National Shade is also a popular choice to provide stylish yet immensely practical cover for both private and public pool areas.

Why choose Danpalon compact? Five terrific reasons!

Elegant design
Elegant design
  • It's perfect for quickly reducing that uncomfortable glare of the sun, while also combating the extremes of daytime heat and helping to reduce those ever-increasing energy consumption costs.
  • It provides a low maintenance and thoroughly sustainable design solution for a wide range of modern and traditional architectonic challenges - Danpalon compact is noted both for its flexibility and its versatility.
  • Its appearance offers instant elegance to many locations, thanks to its glass-like appearance. Danpalon compact can allow for extremely wide spans and a variety of lengths to deliver both the protections and style your structure requires. It is also both silicone and caulking free.
  • This is backed up by an impressive strength, thanks to its standing seam system, one which is free from any worrying thermal expansion, and is thoroughly leak-proof. This means it is capable of withstanding very high loads. If this is a key requirement of your location or project, please speak to our highly experienced National Shade team to carefully discuss your specific situation.
  • The Danpalon compact polycarbonate architectural roofing system can be safely and quickly installed by our experienced and authorised team, with the minimum of disruption to the ongoing needs of your business or commercial activities. Once installed, remember it is also extremely low maintenance, and is backed up with an extensive decade-long warranty.
Commercial and retail
Commercial and retail

What can Danpalon compact add to your location?

If you are looking for guaranteed protection from the elements without sacrificing anything regarding the look of your commercial, retail or residential premises, National Shade highly recommends Danpalon compact. To find out why, and how, for your project or location, simply contact us now.


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