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Multicell Polycarbonate

Keeping you well covered in the great Australian climate

Spending time outdoors is what we Australians do. It’s in our DNA, a part of the national psyche, to look to be outside as much as we can. This is even more true for youngsters, who think the house is simply a pathway to outside!

Of course, our climate is great – but it’s not perfect. Apart from our sudden exposure to quite powerful rainstorms, there is also the discomfort and danger posed by the sun during the height of the summer and the middle hours of the day.

How to still be out there, yet also be protected? Our expert National Shade team have a brilliant answer.

Introducing our National Shade Multicell Polycarbonate Roofing Systems

This superb range adds a revolutionary new system to our many quality and trusted products. Designed in Australia by experts who truly understand our climate, it has so many things going for it:

  • Uses proven heat-reduction technology
  • Delivers superb 99.9% UV protection as standard on both sides of the product
  • Delivers an outstanding level of water protection
  • Includes excellent impact resistance properties
  • Helps reduce the costs of staying cool on the hottest of days
  • Incorporates highly useful and extremely energy efficient lighting

How can the Multicell system work for you?

Well, we don’t know yet, because we’d need to find out more about your property and what you are looking to achieve. We do, however, know that our revolutionary Multicell Polycarbonate Roofing System panels use exciting heat-reduction technology and deliver amazing 100% water tightness.

We also know that they are extremely adaptable, and this means our expert and authorised construction and fitting teams can incorporate it into our terrific range of both flat and curved roofing applications. It’s available in a variety of colours to help match the effect you are aiming to achieve.

Contact us and tell us about your project, or simply describe how you’d like the outdoor areas of your home to be. Our experts will talk you through the ways in which all our products, incorporating this Multicell Polycarbonate technology, can help offer the protection and levels of comfort you want. This conversation is completely free of any further obligation on your part – so please do call us right now.


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