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Expand your entertaining
Expand your entertaining

Many homeowners find that a sunroom can transform their property, providing not only useful additional space, but also an appealing interface between the interior and exterior areas that gives plenty of opportunity to enjoy both environments simultaneously. Not only is a sunroom ideal for use as a rumpus room, study, home gym, sewing room or studio, it's also ideal as a place from which to enjoy the garden in the cooler months, or to use for entertaining. Extensive windows result in panoramic views and plenty of light, whilst the clever use of modern, innovative insulating materials ensures that an appropriate internal temperature is maintained throughout the year.

Numerous styles available

The experienced team here at National Shade are able to create a custom sunroom design that is specifically tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you're looking for a larger extension, or want a more modest investment, our skilled, highly qualified workers can come up with something suitable. Don't worry if you've got challenging architecture, a steep outside gradient or an unfortunate aspect to your property. We are usually able to find an appropriate solution that will give you an attractive and highly functional end result.

Innovative, modern materials

We combine the beauty of natural timber and glass with cutting-edge composite and insulating materials to give a structure that looks fantastic but which also demonstrates excellent durability and is impervious to the vagaries of the weather. Options such as insulated roof panels can be a great way of keeping warm during the cooler months, as well as ensuring that the sunroom doesn't become uncomfortably warm during the hotter days. Our aim is to provide an installation that looks amazing at the same time as providing a comfortable, low maintenance structure which adds value to your home.

Professional team, great results

Many people find that a sunroom gives them the ideal location for entertaining, dining and socialising. We can recommend designs and styles that look amazing and offer exceptional cost-effectiveness. Not only is extra space always useful in a property, many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to discover that installing a sunroom significantly increases the value of their property. All our work is fully guaranteed and we will always do our utmost to provide high quality work using premium construction materials. Why not get in touch now and see how we can help!



Paradise Rooms

Paradise Rooms feature a mix of light weight but strong materials, capable of almost limitless possibilities


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