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Paradise Rooms

Spend time in paradise – at home!

Our stunning National Shade Paradise Room choices allow you to bring a touch of our wonderful Australian climate into your home. Equally, they allow your indoors to merge seamlessly with the style of outdoor living you want to enjoy with family and friends.

For too long, an outdoor room has been treated as some kind of add-on or extra. Now it can be an integral part of how you live your life, delivering an amazing extra multi-use living space, one that truly complements the home you have already created.

What you really need to know about our Paradise Room choices:

  • You can choose units that open by a slide, swing or bi-fold system. This gives you the true flexibility to create a place for relaxed alfresco dining experiences, family fun time, relaxation with friends who drop by, or simply instant access to the sunny warmth of outdoors. Many different Paradise Room options can be created to match your needs, or fit in with your other home improvement projects.
  • The superb Mem-Tek polymer film that we have chosen for our Paradise Room range offers stunning and complete floor to ceiling vision, allowing a full view outside. It doesn’t frighteningly shatter like glass can; it simply flexes when stressed, and then quickly returns to its original shape. Truly handy, with the occasional wind and rain battering our climate can offer!
  • We add terrific ventilation to this amazing vision. Thanks to the four-track flexible sliding sash system, it can deliver up to 75% air flow into the room – many standard glass configurations only offer around 30%. Our panels can be fully up or down, or partly raised or lowered – and you can even remove the sashes should you choose to!
  • Our National Shade Paradise Rooms are created using a mix of extremely lightweight but thoroughly strong materials. This is thanks to the sturdiness of the extruded aluminium framework that forms the basis of the construction, matched to that tough Mem-Tek polymer film.

Adding a National Shade Paradise Room to your home

However you picture the addition of such a room adding to the enjoyment and use of your home, the best course of action is to chat it through with a member of our authorised and experienced construction team. Simply contact our National Shade team to find out more.

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